Switchmas Mortgages Special Offer with a Note of Caution

Alison Fearon from is excited to announce our special offer and explain the importance keeping your financial discipline through Christmas.

Whether you are a First Time Buyer or a Mortgage Switcher, the temptation to splurge our over Christmas can be high. But if you are planning or in the process of an application you need to keep your financial discipline through the festive season.

Even if you have received you Approval in Principle many of the banks will do a final look back on your expenditure prior to completion so it’s important that you maintain your savings and can demonstrate your ability to pay your future mortgage. Unfortunately, Christmas is not a valid excuse for overspending and so as you start thinking about Christmas presents, remember to maintain your budget.

That’s said, we want to get you all into the festive spirit and so are delighted to announce our Switchmas special offer which is available to both First Time Buyer and Switchers.

To give our mortgage customers an extra Christmas bonus, we will be raffling prizes of €1000, €500, and €250 on December 20th, in time for any last-minute Christmas presents. To enter you need to submit your signed mortgage application and all the required supporting documents by the 17th of December.

AND don’t worry if you aren’t selected for one of these cash prizes as for  everyone who enters they will receives a free property valuation as part of the mortgage completion process. So there really is a prize for everyone in the audience!

Don’t waste time and start the application process today by signing up or giving us a call!

More information is available here:

Good luck!

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