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You're called but do you help First Time Buyers and Home movers?

Yes, we absolutely do. As long as you are looking to buy a residential property we stand ready to help. We like the name switcheroo as you are switching home if you are a mover and even if you are a buyer you are switching from tenant to home owner !!!

What’s the best mortgage I can get?

That’s a question we hear a lot but there is no simple answer to this. There are a number of factors to this which both you and we need to consider when you are thinking of getting a mortgage.
Mortgages come with different terms and banks use different criteria to establish who they lend to, how much and at what rate. Don’t stress too much! You can find out pretty quickly to see if it’s worth your while. From there we will guide you through the process and make sure you get the right mortgage for you and make the process as simple as possible.

If I am a switcher how much can I save?

The Central Bank of Ireland published research that showed that many existing mortgage holders can save over €10,000 euros by switching their mortgage. It will depend on your specific circumstances but just 20 seconds on our calculator will show you what its worth for you to switcheroo.

What documents will you need from me?

Initially, none. The first step is for you to take our Financial Health Check in your secure customer portal. This will help us understand your circumstances and see if you are mortgage fit but we don’t need documentation at that stage. Only later when we move on to preparing your submission to a lender, will we need to make sure that your information is accurate, and we’ll need documentation from you then. Those include proof of your identity, income, utility bills with proof of address, as well as things like visa status where it applies. We’ll always make it clear exactly what we need and why.

Do you perform credit checks?

Our job is to make sure that you have the best possible chance of being accepted. So, we perform our own affordability check before sending anything to a lender. This leaves no footprint on your credit history.

I want to switcheroo, what’s next?

On our website there are calculators that will help you figure out what you can save or what your mortgage would cost. From there you’ll need to register into your customer portal so we can perform a Financial Health Check on you to assess what you can afford. 

If all is well, we will then ask for more details on your current circumstances and the specifics of the house you want to mortgage. 

Usually, this shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes, and you’ll be one step closer to a mortgage. At this point, you can have a phone call with one of our mortgage experts. They will answer any questions you have and tell you exactly what documents you’re going to need. From there, the expert team will guide you through the application process and keep you updated on progress. You can check progress online and we will keep you updated along the way. 


What does do with my data?

It’s all explained in our privacy policy, but basically: we won’t spam you and we won’t pass on your data to other companies so that they can spam you. We hate that.

How does make money?

Yep, we don’t charge any commission. If you get a mortgage using, the lender you use pays us a commission. Some intermediaries charge you an additional commission but not us, we are free forever. These commission never affect our advice. Our reputation and livelihood depend on us always giving our customers the best possible advice. The important bit is we’ll never charge you a penny.

Getting Mortgage with Switcheroo is Easy!

Getting Mortgage with Switcheroo is Easy!