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Mortgage Statements: Your Mortgage Hack

SafeValue must use =binding: If you are a mortgage customer, you will probably have recently received your annual mortgage statement. There are two types of people in this world; people who...

Cash back offers – free money or bear trap?

What’s the deal with cash back offers? Free money or a bear trap waiting to catch the unwitting mortgage customer? There is no doubt that these are enticing incentives, but do they actually...

Stick or Switch – Are you suffering from mortgage anxiety?

There is a lot of noise about switching. Switch your energy, your broadband and of course your mortgage. Apart from the administrative effort to process these switches they are generally a free...

Top 5 Jargon Busters for 2020

There is lot of acronyms and strange terms in the mortgage world so in this week’s jargon busting blog we wanted to demystify this strange mortgage vocabulary. So, from your friends...

Mortgage Insights in 60 Seconds – a new helpful guide to mortgages

Pop quiz: Cash back or low headline rate …. which is better? Which banks providing any exceptions to the central bank’s lending rules? Are there any providers that specialise in...

Mortgages for the New Normal

New Mortgage Platform Simplifies Mortgages for Customers with an Online One-Stop-Shop for Mortgage Applications Across the Banks Covid-19 has certainly had an unwelcome and dramatic impact in...